The world's only official Daniel Murphy fan club.

What the fuck are you doing here?
I thought I told you never to come here again.
Alright, whatever. You're here now. Probably a good opportunity to learn about the absolute legend Daniel Murphy.

To put it simply I wouldn't touch this lad with a 10ft pole. The kind of ones the other absolute LEGEND Barry Kirkpatrick sticks into the beds of various rivers.
On the other hand, I'd probably touch him with a 4-5ft pole. Not sure why, personal preferance and all that. Regardless, he's still Global Elite in CS:GO so that's all that matters.
Correction 29/11/18: Daniel Murphy is only Supreme Faster Mirst Class. Arse.

Right now, you might be a little scared. How did I get here? Apart from typing in the web address, or clicking a hyperlink, I'm not quite sure myself.
Anyway, to calm your fears here's a list of attributes regarding Daniel Murphy.

Now, in accordance with our full disclosure policy™, we are making the following statement:

Thank you for your attention.